Asbestos Removal Brisbane


Speedy Demolition asbestos team have over 25 years experience in removing asbestos. Our attention to detail provides our clients the best service to make sure the progress of your job is carried out professionally, efficiently and safely.

All of our asbestos works will be notified to Workplace Health and Safety 7 days before the commencement of work is due to take place, including us taking the time to notify people living within close proximity to the job site. Once we have completed the job, we will have one of our senior team members go through and conduct an inspection of your property and provide you an Asbestos Clearance Certificate and a Waste Tracking Certificate. We pride ourselves in ensuring our staff strictly adhere to all regulatory complaint procedures required, including signing an asbestos control plan document daily.

Speedy Demolition’s will safely and correctly remove your asbestos making this process as stress free as possible for our clients.

  • Asbestos removalists with 25 years experience
  • Attention to detail and personalised service to clients
  • Strict adherence to WHSQ procedures and requirements
  • Advanced level trained, licensed and accredited staff
  • Inspection, clearance & waste tracking certificates upon completion of works

danger asbestos removal e1597910694213 - Asbestos RemovalIf you’ve found asbestos in a property, you need to engage a highly qualified and skilled asbestos removalist professional to effectively and safely dispose of it.

You are likely aware that asbestos is extremely hazardous and dangerous and should only be removed by a suitably qualified professional with the skills and equipment to do the job properly. You also need to ensure they follow all required health and safety procedures. In addition to the removal of the asbestos, the law requires the safe transport and disposal of these hazardous materials. Please be aware that the irresponsible disposal of asbestos will lead to hefty fines and prosecution. At Speedy Demolitions we ensure all dangerous and hazardous materials are placed in DES approved Council or commercially operated landfill facilities. We will also provide you with a copy of the Waste Tracking Certificate which we will supply upon completion of the job.

Speedy Demolition’s asbestos removal team is highly qualified and very experienced in asbestos management, removal and the quality of our service is second to none. With us, safety comes first, and you can rely on us to remove your asbestos safely.
All our team members are trained to an advanced level and have the correct accreditations and licenses necessary to undertake your asbestos removal to the highest standards. Our hierarchy of controls mandate our activities while engaging in asbestos removal works on your site.
We’re committed to the safety of the construction crew, the general public and our team. We believe everyone should go home SAFE! We follow a carefully laid-out asbestos removal plan which we will go through with you in detail before we begin work.
By engaging Speedy Demolition for your asbestos removal in Brisbane, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind provided by our Public Liability Insurance. This insurance, which only reputable and certified asbestos removal companies have, is critical for professionals that manage and handle asbestos removal for a living and who are trained to minimise the spreading of asbestos fibres in your home.

Asbestos Removal in your home

asbestos removal off roof e1597910614276 - Asbestos RemovalRemoving asbestos from your home can be complicated in domestic settings. It is essential to use proper safety procedures in order to correctly identify potential risks and eliminate them. Most of the time, residents cannot wait too long for the asbestos removal to take place.

Because of this, it is important to seek professional help to make the process hassle and stress-free. Experienced professionals can do the job in the smallest amount of time possible while utilising the highest standards for safety and quality.

There are many areas in a residential property where asbestos may be located. Here are some examples of common places where you can find it:

  1. The roof
  2. The gutter and downpipes
  3. Walls and ceilings, especially those in wet areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundry areas
  4. Floor tiles made of vinyl
  5. Tile adhesives
  6. Sheet backing
  7. Gables, fascias and soffits
  8. Insulation, especially around fireplaces, heaters and stoves

Removing, dismantling, transporting, and disposing of asbestos containing materials is a hazardous job. To accomplish this, you need a team of professionals with the right skills, licenses and experience.

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Why choose us?

  • If asbestos removal in your Brisbane home is needed, Speedy Demolitions can help you out. We specialise in identifying, managing, and disposing of asbestos in the best possible, most cost-effective and government approved way for our customers.
  • We are a licensed and accredited asbestos specialist. If it involves asbestos, we are available to manage and remove it from your property.

More on Asbestos Removal

services asbestos removal 2n e1597910776223 - Asbestos RemovalAustralia is one of the countries that used a large amount of asbestos materials. In fact, almost a third of all Australian homes contain products that have asbestos in them. This is because asbestos was highly valued for its insulation properties, flexibility and strength. It was affordable and was even named “the miracle fibre”.

These qualities made asbestos a popular choice in manufacturing. The material was used in thousands of applications throughout the world. Basically, your property is highly likely to have asbestos in it if it was built before the mid-1980s. Homes built from this period until 1990 may have been built with materials that contain asbestos. On the other hand, if your property was built after 1990, there is little chance that you will detect asbestos in your home.

There is only one effective way to know if a material you encounter contains traces of asbestos. You will need to have it tested and examined by experts at a NATA accredited laboratory. A suitably qualified and licenced professional is best to collect and send the samples for testing.

Some of these labs can also do an audit or a survey that can help you find the asbestos materials in your property. This will help you check on the condition of the asbestos containing materials.

Asbestos poses minimal threat to your family if you have no plans to renovate your home in the near future and if everything is in great condition. If this is the case, your best option is to leave the suspected material in place. However, if you are planning a renovation soon, or if your home requires immediate repair, you might be interested in making your home asbestos-free.

To get the job done safely and correctly the first time, call Speedy Demolition for a free consultation today.