Renovation Or Demolition? Which One Is The Best?

Old and ageing properties are crammed with history and contain a certain undeniable charm, but when planning on rejuvenating its looks, the most challenging decision to make is whether to renovate or demolish.

When deciding whether to demolish or renovate, there is no right or wrong decision as both options have their pros and cons. Deciding on whether to demolish or renovate is dependant on several factors, including what is optimally suitable to your needs and requirements.

Before moving on with your decisions to either renovate or demolish, you will have to keep in mind the building rules in your area. There are laws or by-law, in many areas, that prohibit the demolition or renovation of a house which is deemed to be of historical value or a certain age. A council can also forbid any work on the property should they feel that renovating will alter the overall look of the particular area.

Various factors need to be considered when deciding whether a renovation or demolition project in Brisbane is the best option for you. We look at them below;

  1. What Is Your Goal?

The goal of your project is the most critical aspect to consider. If you are looking to add an extra room or make alterations to the plumbing, your best option will be to renovate than pulling the entire building down.

It will be a more prudent decision to demolish the entire house, should you be looking to make substantial changes that will affect the structural integrity of the whole building.

  1. The Condition Of The House.

You will need to find an outstanding demolition company in Brisbane to entirely demolish an old property that you have purchased at a bargain price. Old buildings are usually in poor condition, and a renovation is a waste of your money as it is just masking the cause of the problem and not fixing it.

The best solution, in this case, would be demolishing the entire house and using your tailored layout to build a new one. A demolition in Brisbane allows for you to create a home that accommodates your specifications, such as living areas that are facing a north-easterly or northern direction to maximise on sunlight, or installing solar panels.

  1. Your Budget.

Money talks. A small scale renovation is a more affordable option than demolition. It is important to work your budget out first when you intend to have something done on a grander scale. Speaking to contractors about your plans will make you understand whether a renovation, or a demolition will cost more.

The more practical choice is to opt for demolition as the advent of modern techniques allows for a new house to be built speedily and within your budget. Homes nowadays are more energy efficient and offer unique benefits and are worth every cent you spend on demolition and rebuilding.

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